Thermansys manufactures ceramic crucibles, hotplates and high temperature furnaces.

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Thermansys is an advanced technology company. We aim in producing high reliability and quality products while keeping in mind the operator’s facilitation. Important Companies, Technical Universities, and Research Centers are using our products.

In order to satisfy every need, we offer a wide variety of Alumina, Yttria Stabilized Zirconia (8YSZ), Zircon, ZTA crucibles in many shapes and sizes.

zircon crucibles
Vacuum Hot Plates

Thermansys Hot Plates provide accurate and uniform surface temperature control. Available Chuck Hot Plates enhance even more heat transfer for absolute temperature uniformity. Moreover, our customers can use them with our Pyrologism Software for the absolute user friendly experience.

Above all, we like to offer our customers reliable and high quality products. One of them which you can shop online is Kanthal wire

High Temperature Furnaces and Vacuum Ovens

We design, develop and manufacture laboratoty ultra high Electrical Furnaces and Vacuum Ovens. Our customers can view the full range of our models at Above all, we want to make sure they get the best fit when ordering such products.