Thermansys designs, develops and manufactures Electrical Laboratory Furnaces, Vacuum Ovens, Precision Vacuum Hot Plates and Refractory Technical Ceramics.
Our Laboratory Furnaces design aspects are:

Quality – highest quality standards, durable and reliable products
Ergonomical design – user convenience and daily work facilitation but without compromise on the aesthetic result
Safety – strict safety standards, there is nothing safety related that is “optional” for us
Energy efficiency – As energy becomes more valuable and its consumption reduction means a lot to our environment the cost of furnacing is becoming globally more and more a major argument. All our products include: double wall construction, lightweight insulation, heat recovery techniques, Power Consistent Control (PCC) close loop management platform
Touch screen computer – Tablet, as Human-Machine interface running the specially designed by Thermansys friendly operation software  “Pyrologism“. System operates independently of computer operation by Stand-alone dedicated controllers.
Perpetual product design and development

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