Thermansys designed BOX-BW10-1200 box furnaces family  in order to provide a flexible and functional laboratory solution. This model family serves for harsh and demanding thermal processes environment up to 1200 ˚C. Thermansys box type furnaces are suitable for many applications including metals melting, organics combustion, ashing and ceramics sintering. As these products are an ideal choice for wax removal, they present an every-day partner for professionals working in dental, jewelry or other similar areas.

  • Standard equipped with a Digital LCD display temperature controller providing 15 step programming with 1 program storage
  • Optionally equipped with a sophisticated, remote, touch screen, temperature controller, running the specially designed PYROLOGISM 2.0 software,
    provides a really unique and friendly, windows oriented architecture interface with multiple, advanced features and peripherals.
  • Ergonomic design with no protruding edges, bolts or other features combines stainless steel parts with painted finish parts for an improved aesthetic result

The hot zone is constructed from high resistance, low porosity ceramic materials. The low density fibrous back insulation allows for rapid heat up and cool down rates. As we always have as major priority the economical operation, we have designed this furnace carefully with a double wall ceramic insulation serving from one hand as a heat exchanger preheating the incoming air and from the other as a heat barrier improving the overall thermal insulation.

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