Alumina (Al2O3) is the base for manufacturing our alumina crucibles. It is one of the most important ceramic oxides and is widely used for structural, electronics, medical and electrical fields. Due to its high hardness value, high abrasion (wear) resistance and low cost, it has wide application as engineering technical ceramic. Its melting point is high (2054 °C), and its boiling point is (2977 °C). Alumina has low thermal expansion and high compressive strength which provides good thermal shock resistance. Alumina is also one of the best electrical insulations at high temperatures making it excellent choice as a thermodielectric refractory and it is transparent to microwave radio frequencies. It’s fairly high chemical stability, make Alumina a good material to withstand chemical corrosion.

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Thermansys is producing a broad range of analytical grade, recrystallized, dense Alumina crucibles in various sizes and forms.

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