Our Zircon crucibles can be used up to 1700°C, although the silicate dissociation at this temperature is high and may eventually cause disruption of the ware. Generally, Zircon crucibles have excellent thermal shock resistance. They are remarkably hard and wear resistant and they can withstand extremely corrosive environments. They have also severely lower cost compared to alternative refractories. Moreover, a notable property of Zircon is the low thermal conductivity making it a material with high insulation value.

Zirconium Silicate (ZrSiO4) or Zircon has unique and outstanding properties as a refractory material. It has no definite melting point and dissociation into zirconia and silica begins at 1550°C with little physical change apparent until 1700°C. Its lack of crystalline inversion give it a higher thermal endurance than other ceramic refractory materials.

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Thermansys is producing a broad range of analytical grade, dense Zircon crucibles in various sizes and forms.

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