Choose between

– Hot Plates for Vacuum/ Glove Box

– Vacuum Chuck Hot Plate

depending on your needs and applications. All our heated plates are designed to provide accurate and uniform surface temperature control.

Hot Plates for Vacuum/ Glove Box family is an ideal choice for applications requiring heating under Vacuum or inert atmosphere
A special Vacuum (and pressure) sealing feedthrough is available for such applications providing leak free passage of the interconnection conduit into the chamber. Ideal choice for Glove boxes, and Glove Box Antechambers.

Vacuum Chuck Heated Plates family is an ideal choice for heating thin film substrates, wafers or flexible thin membranes. Controlled and monitored through a flexible conduit by a remote control box.
A perforated anodized Aluminum plate on top of the heated body allows for air suction through the holes. This way keep the heat treated substrate attached uniformly with the heated surface enchasing significantly the heat transfer.

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