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Precision Vacuum Hot Plates/Chuck Hot Plates

Vacuum Chuck Heated Plates-Thin Film-Membrane Heating and Drying

THERMANSYS HTP-MA1-200 PRF Vacuum Chuck Heated Plates family was designed to provide accurate and uniform surface temperature control. Ideal choice for heating thin film substrates, wafers or flexible thin membranes. Controlled and monitored through a flexible conduit by a remote control box.
A perforated anodized Aluminum plate on top of the heated body allows for air suction through the holes. This way keep the heat treated substrate attached uniformly with the heated surface enchasing significantly the heat transfer.
Standard equipped with a Digital LCD display temperature remote controller. 15 step programming with 1 program storage.

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Basic Models

  Part No. Price
Heated Surf. dim.
W x L mm
Max. Cont. Temp (C) x
Heat up time (min)
External dim.
W x L mm
Nominal Max. Power (W)
Upon Request HTP-AM1-L18W18-200-PRF 1300.00 180x180 200x20 280x240 800
Upon Request HTP-AM1-L30W18-200-PRF 1400.00 300x180 200x20 400x240 1200
Upon Request HTP-AM1-L30W30-200-PRF 1550.00 300x300 200x20 400x360 1600
Upon Request HTP-AM1-L40W18-200-PRF 1500.00 400x180 200x20 500x240 1600
Upon Request HTP-AM1-L40W30-200-PRF 1650.00 400x300 200x20 500x360 1800
Upon Request HTP-AM1-L40W40-200-PRF 1750.00 400x400 200x20 500x460 2000

Optional Features

  Part No. Description Price
Upon Request TSC 10'' Tablet PC running PYROLOGISM 2.0 software 450.00