Vacuum Chuck Hot Plate Compact Round 6in 250C

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  • Heated Surface Diameter : 6inches
  • Max. Cont. Temp (C) x Heat up time (min): 250×30
  • Nominal Max. Power : 600W

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Thermansys designed HTP-MB2-250 PRF Vacuum Chuck Round Hot Plate family in such a way that they provide accurate and uniform surface temperature control up to 250C.

  • Ideal choice for heating thin film substrates, wafers or flexible thin membranes.
  • Controlled and monitored through a flexible conduit by a remote control box.

HTP-MB2-250 series heated surface area is circular, suitable for round shape loads. Our Vacuum Chuck Round hot plate family includes models with 6, 8, 10,12 and 14 inches diameter. The heated surface is equal to the device footprint. The heated body is made from Aluminum providing superior heat transfer and temperature uniformity. A perforated anodized Aluminum plate on top of the heated body allows for air suction through the holes. This way it keeps the heat treated substrate attached uniformly with the heated surface enchasing significantly the heat transfer. The perforated plate is detachable for easy cleaning. The outer shell of the heated plate body is made of corrosion-free stainless steel ASTM 304.

  • Standard equipped with a Digital LCD display temperature remote controller. 15 step programming with 1 program storage.
  • USB port available for connection with a computer – Pyrologism 2.0 software available

A hose connector at the bottom side of the hot plate allows for an external pump connection. The HTP-CPU-A3 control box provides a power output for the pump. The user can control the on-off operation of the pump though the system interface.

HTP-MB2-250 compact series design protects the internal electrical components against possible liquid spillage on top of the heated surface.

Suitable for many applications including Electronics/Semiconductors, Pharmaceuticals/Cosmetics, Plastics, Agricultural and other.

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Vacuum Chuck Hot Plate

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