Zircon Lid 140mm

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t-ceramics Zircon Lid 140mm

t-ceramics Zircon Lids are available for Conical, Cylindrical and Classic Form Crucibles.
Match the Crucible’s Top I.D. value with Lid Fit Diameter.
For example: Lid with Part No. CZRC-LD-C 70 having Fit diameter 70mm is suitable for use with crucibles with I.D. 70mm, e.g. CZRC-CY-T 449.

  • Fit Diameter: 140mm
  • Outside Diameter: 150mm
  • Thickness: 4mm

Lead time: 3 weeks

Available on backorder

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Zirconium Silicate (ZrSiO4) or Zircon has unique and outstanding properties as a refractory material. It has no definite melting point and dissociation into zirconia and silica begins at 1550°C with little physical change apparent until 1700°C. Its lack of crystalline inversion give it a higher thermal endurance than other ceramic refractory materials.

The tetragonal Zircon crystals are stable in the range from room temperature to 1550°C, have a favorably low coefficient of thermal expansion and a medium thermal conductivity, all of which contribute to remarkable thermal shock resistance. It is also well known that Polycrystalline materials belonging to the tetragonal crystal structure such as Zircon, exhibit excellent mechanical properties. Zircon t-ceramics crucibles have high hardness value, and high abrasion (wear) resistance.

t-ceramics Zircon crucibles can be used up to 1700°C, although the silicate dissociation at this temperature is high and may eventually cause disruption of the ware.

Generally Zircon crucibles have excellent thermal shock resistant, are remarkably hard and wear resistant, can withstand extremely corrosive environments and have severely lower cost compared to alternative refractories. A notable property of Zircon is also the low thermal conductivity making it a material with high insulation value.

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