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Μachinable Ceramics

Thermansys is producing a broad range of machinable refractory ceramics for applications requiring ultra-high processing temperature, corrosion resistance, electrical and thermal insulation and high wear resistance. Machining can be accomplished in standard machine shops with lathes, milling machines, drills, saws etc. using conventional tooling. Machinable ceramics are an excellent choice for construction of prototype ceramic components and many other applications.
Available materials are High Purity 99.7% Alumina, Zirconia Toughened Alumina (ZTA) and Zirconia Silicate (Zircon). All our material are offered in rods, hollow rods, bars and plates.
The final product before delivery is fired up to a temperature allowing it to have good machinability but also adequate mechanical strength for handling and processing.
After machining to final shape and dimension the material can be used as it is or fired to its fully firing temperature to acquire full mechanical, chemical and thermal properties. It should be noted that that all organic materials used during early stages of production are removed during bisque firing before delivery and thus further firing after machining to final shapes and dimensions does not produce organic residuals and odors.
All our material gallery are highly resistant to oxidizing and reducing atmospheres, molten metals, steam, corrosive gasses, most acids, chemicals and solvents.
The materials as delivered have porosity, and a shrinkage, that is material and final firing temperature depended, should be expected after firing. Data and instructions for firing, and expected shrinkage are given for each material in data sheets below:

Doc. No. : t-ceramics machinables-January 2017
Doc. No. : t-ceramics machinables-Machining Instructions-January 2017

Application examples are furnace furniture, heater and resistor supports, high temperature corrosion and wear- resistant components, catalyst support systems, electrical insulators and stand offs, welding fixtures, thermocouple sheaths, arc barriers, X-Ray equipment, gas nozzles, turbine nozzles, microwave housings and components, vacuum components and feedthrus, thin film applications, R.F. heating fixtures, PVD,CVD applications, wafer chucks and substrates, Brazing/Carburizing fixtures, induction heating tubes, hot forming dies for thermoplastic forming equipment, molten metal crucibles, nozzles, molds and troughs, furnace transfer rollers.