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Machinable Alumina

Alumina is the material of choice for a wide range of general purpose laboratory and industrial applications. Alumina has wide application as a structural ceramic due to its high hardness value, high abrasion (wear) resistance, high corrosion resistance and low cost compared with other refractories. It has high compressive strength which provides good thermal shock resistance. High purity Alumina is one the best electrical insulations at high temperatures making it excellent choice as a thermodielectric refractory and is transparent to microwave radio frequencies.
Thermansys t-ceramics machinable Alumina after full firing to 1700°C will became a dense material with all mechanical, chemical and electrical properties of high purity recrystallized Alumina.
Firing – Shrinkage: For full firing raise the temperature to 1100°C with a heating rate of 4°C/min and then to 1650-1700°C with 2°C/min. Soak at this temperature for 6 to 12 hours. Cool down the furnace gradually with a rate of 4°C/min. The thicker the parts sections the longer the soak time. Typically for wall thickness 4-8mm 6 hours soaking time will be enough.  Parts with cross sectional thickness higher than 25mm will need 12 hours soaking time. A shrinkage of 20-21% must be expected. An almost proportionally lower degree of shrinkage should be expected with lower soaking temperature.