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Machinable Zircon

Zirconia Silicate (ZrSiO4) or Zircon has unique and outstanding properties as a refractory material. It has no definite melting point and dissociation into zirconia and silica begins at 1550°C with little physical change apparent until 1700°C. Its favorably low thermal expansion properties and lack of crystalline inversion give it a higher thermal shock resistance than other ceramic refractory materials. Zircon have severely lower cost compared to alternative refractories. A notable property of Zircon is also the low thermal conductivity making it a material with high insulation value.
Thermansys t-ceramics machinable Zircon after full firing to 1550°C is remarkably hard and wear resistant, can withstand extremely corrosive environments.
Firing – Shrinkage: For full firing raise the temperature to 1100°C with a heating rate of 4°C/min and then to 1550°C with 2°C/min. Soak at this temperature for 4 to 8 hours. Cool down the furnace gradually with a rate of 5°C/min. The thicker the parts sections the longer the soak time. Typically for wall thickness 4-8mm 4 hours soaking time will be enough.  Parts with cross sectional thickness higher than 25mm will need 8 hours soaking time. A shrinkage of 16-18% must be expected. An almost proportionally lower degree of shrinkage should be expected with lower soaking temperature.