Returns  other than for defect goods are not allowed. Unless otherwise agreed in writing, shipment and return at Purchaser’s request of the item to be replaced/repaired– including any off- and on-loading – shall be performed for Purchaser’s account and the said item shall be delivered to Thermansys premises. Returns of defective goods shall be notified within 14 days  Purchaser shall bear the costs and risks of transportation. Thermansys shall provide a credit note for the transportation costs after the inspection and ascertainment of the defects.

Following written notification, Purchaser shall provide Thermansys with the required time and opportunity to remedy any and all defects or effect any and all replacement supplies that Thermansys shall deem necessary; otherwise, Thermansys shall not be liable for the consequences  thereof. No replacement/repair shall be assumed in the following cases, in particular: Use of non-genuine parts, unsuitable or improper use, faulty or defective assembly and/or start-up by Purchaser or by third parties, natural wear and tear, faulty or neglectful treatment, improper maintenance, unsuitable operating fluids, deficient construction work, unsuitable building substrates, chemical, electrochemical or electrical influences that are not the responsibility of Thermansys. Should Purchaser or a third party improperly remedy any defect, Thermansys shall not be liable for the consequences resulting therefrom. The same shall also apply with respect to any alterations of the supplied item by Purchaser or third parties without the prior consent of Thermansys.



The Purchaser cannot cancel the order if the delivery has started upon the Purchasers request and acknowledgement that the Purchaser hereby loses the cancellation right. Thermansys do  not offer refunds or credits either for custom orders or for existing goods.


Statute of Limitations

Any and all claims on the part of Customer shall be subject to a statute of limitations of 12 months. Said term shall not recommence for spare or replacement parts supplied within this term; the original warranty term for the item to be repaired/maintained shall instead continue to be definitive.Said statutory terms shall also apply in the event that Thermansys performs repair/maintenance work to a structure and is the cause of its defectiveness.